Evertech offer you the most reliable and useful services to keep your home connections running fast and smoothly. From basic Internet setup for individual residences and bigger network extenders for apartment buildings and housing units.


The best service for general maintenance and repair of your equipment. Updates and support for any Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android.

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Home and Residential WIFI & Lan Support

Are your neighbours stealing your WiFi Connection? Your personal data can be exposed! Allow us to diagnose your home network and suggest you some ways to prevent data leaks and keep intruders away.

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CCTV Consulting

With the best support on CCTV Consulting you can obtain an advice on how to implement an excellent system for your home with the possibility to view and listen real time audio and video from your cameras on almost any device.

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Don't let a computer virus get the best of you! We can remove any computer infection such as virus, trojan, backer, phising, adware, and other malware from your operating system, custom software and/or web browser keeping your online activity safe.

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